The Idea

With this interactive communication system, the user can inform himself about the sport of skateboarding. Beside the sporty aspect, the manufacturing process and the historical backgrounds are also explained.



In this first subject area the user can have a look at how a skate deck is manufactured. Each step from cutting down the trees to the assembling in the skate-shop is represented step by step in a three dimensional space. The information panels on the right edge of the screen form the detail level. Thus the important informations are given at first sight, whereas the user has always the opportunity to dive deeper into the certain topic. The horizontal navigation bar (see below) represents consistently throughout the system a chronological sequence.



The history of skateboarding is separated in decades and shown in the second menu item. To achieve a clear structure, the topic itself is split in four subcategories which are: important and famous persons, the development of the hardware, milestones and the world history. The world history was added as a reference.



Last but not least there is the sporty aspect which is represented with the trick-guide. Like the history part, the trick-guide is also divided in subcategories, which are the different types of tricks. After the user has chosen one specific trick he gets in the information level. There he can inform himself about the trick from the take-off to the landing.